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Your Guide

Elionil Silva, born in Cuiabá City, capital of Mato Grosso, guide and owner of PJE, has the experience obtained from fifteen years guiding tours in the region of the Pantanal. As your guide, he will provide you a memorable safari, within the heart of the Pantanal,

Certified by Brazilian Ministry of Tourism, he has guided throughout the Pantanal and has spent many years exploring and learning about wildlife and culture of the Pantanal. Elionil has photography knowledge and skill in order to get you in the best position to photograph the subject, maneuvering the boat to reach the correct light and the photo composition; The Photo Expeditions are performed in order to satisfy the needs of professional wildlife photographers.

Very knowledgeable in all aspects of the wildlife in the Pantanal, Elionil's passion for nature has to be experienced. He loves to guide people, through this land as much as he enjoys continuing to learn and explore it, always equiped, with binoculars and books.


Come with Pantanal Jaguar Expeditions, we're specialized in Pantanal

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