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The following accommodations are used for our Jaguar safaris , Eological tours and their combinations:

Pousada Piuval

Photos: Courtesy of Pousada Piuval

Pousada Piuval is located 110 km from Cuiabá and 10 km from Poconé in the state of Mato Grosso. It is the first lodge along the Transpantaneira Highway, which begins in Poconé. The lodge is situated on a 7000-hectare cattle ranch and has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Pantanal. Here tourists can observe an abundance and diversity of Pantanal flora and fauna.

Installations: 20 guest rooms with air-conditioning, television, mini-bar, ceiling fans, private bathrooms, and screened-in windows providing fresh air.

  • A restaurant with screened-in windows that serves typical Pantanal meals.

  • Satellite television

  • Telephone and wireless internet

  • Swimming pool, volleyball court, playground equipment, bicycles and observation towers

Scenery: The landscape around Piuval Lodge is full of natural beauty. There are large open fields mixed with islands of forest; a fantastic combination for observing wildlife and magnificent sunsets. Visitors will appreciate the scenery in either the flooded season (December to April) or the dry season (July to December), when wading birds reproduce and gather together in colonies.

Photographic Safari: Hiking trail for observing monkeys, caimans, macaws, jabiru storks, toucans, herons and egrets, spoonbills, cormorants, agoutis, ibis, coatis, rheas, anteaters, and many other species, along with diverse Pantanal vegetation.

Swimming in the river, boat and canoe trips during the flooded season (December to April).

Piuval Lodge has developed ecological tourism and scientific research.

Outings: There are many ways to see the Pantanal at Piuval Lodge:

  • Hiking trails

  • Horseback riding

  • Boat trips and piranha fishing

Pouso Alegre

Photos: Courtesy of Pouso Alegre

Pouso Alegre, located in Poconé, Northern Pantanal, Mato Grosso, Brazil, is a traditional Pantanal's cattle farm with 8.000 hectares that offers a great diversity of preserved Pantanal landscapes with characteristic flora and fauna, large floodable fields of native grasses, several kinds of forests and permanent and temporary water bodies.

From Cuiabá, Mato Grosso's state capital, there are 100km of paved road to Poconé and another 33km of Transpantaneira Road (unpaved), to reach the entrance. This will take approximately 3 hours including several stops along the way to observe local attractions. The lodge is linked to the Transpantaneira by a private, slightly elevated, 7km service road with access year-round, providing excellent conditions for observing the flora and fauna of our region.

During both drought and flood, many attractions of the Pantanal may be observed by walking, horseback riding or canoeing to rarely frequented areas. Animals such as caimans, capybaras, monkeys, anacondas, deer and a variety of bird species, such as hyacinth macaws, toucans, cardinals and the bird symbol of Pantanal, the jabiru stork, can be found in their natural habitats.

The simple but comfortable accommodations are in harmony with the landscape and a farming lifestyle. The lodge offers 13 brick bedrooms, equipped with mosquito nets, window screens, a fan and a bathroom. Five bedrooms have air-conditioning. In the opinion of guests, meals are a special highlight as they are served in a cosy restaurant and prepared in firewood ovens.

The combination of limited capacity, good lodging infrastructure, a privileged location in a natural environment, easy access, delicious typical food and peaceful ambience makes Pouso Alegre a great choice for guests wanting a pleasant and safe visit to the region.

Pousada Rio Claro 

Photos: Courtesy of Pousada Rio Claro

The Pousada Rio Claro is located in the municipality of Poconé, 142Km from Cuiabá, the capital of Mato Grosso, and at Km 42 from the Transpantaneira, and is one of the most strategically privileged areas of natural beauty in the Pantanal. It will provide you and your family an unforgettable holiday in harmony with nature.

You will find a variety of Pantanal flora and fauna wherein you can observe the biodiversity of environmental preservation and ecology, including 640 species of birds, 75 mammals, 40 reptiles and 250 types of fish which use this ecological sanctuary for their reproduction and life cycles. There are also lakes, lagoons, streams, rivers and bays that change in accordance with the volume of rainfalls, guaranteeing incredible and varied scenery.

The restaurant offers best quality Pantanal cuisine so that you can savour typical dishes in a fresh and comfortable environment.

For your full comfort, the Pousada Rio Claro is provided with 20 bedrooms, each equipped with:

  • Mosquito-screened windows

  • Ceiling fan

  • Private bathroom

  • Three beds

  • Air-conditioning

The current landscapes from the Pousada Rio Claro are marvellous and indescribably beautiful since they are composed of wide fields, flowers, trails and the marvellous river from which the Pousada takes its name, the Rio Claro. From the river one can observe the sunrise together with the dawn arrival of birds as well as exquisite sunsets.

Daily rates include full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner). The following excursions are also possible at this lodge: motor boat rides, horse riding, fishing, dawn boat safaris, trail walks, bicycling, night safaris and photographic safaris.

Jaguar Camp

 Photos: Courtesy of Jaguar Camp

Located 40 metres from the river by the Jaguar campsite, these cabins have a restaurant serving three meals a day, and are powered by their own generator. The cabins each have a bedroom, bathroom, air-conditioning and/or ceiling fans, kitchen and veranda and include bath and bed linen. They have updated their rooms since these photos were taken.

Pousada Canto do Arancuã

Photos: Courtesy of Pousada Canto do Arancuã

Located at kilometre 38 from Poconé and 138 kilometres from Cuiabá along the Transpantaneira, Pousada Canto do Arancuã has 22 rooms with air-conditioning, a restaurant and a swimming pool. Horse-riding, boat safaris on the Rio Claro, paths to explore and piranha fishing are some of the activites possible on its 5000-hectare property. 

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