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Tour Prices

First of all, some free advice

The Pantanal is located far from the Capital City of Mato Grosso, Cuiabá. Our guests must procure their own accident and health insurance before arriving at Cuiabà. If ever there were problems with our guests' health, or should minor accidents happen when boating, riding horses or trail walking, it will be important to have transportation to the nearest hospital. For this purpose we wish to assure our visitors that they will feel safe and secure with Pantanal Jaguar Expeditions. A car will always be on hand 24 hours a day for such eventualities. Not all tour companies in the Pantanal have taken this necessary consideration to heart, so you should always check for this service when you book your tour.

For instance, some less scrupulous guides in the Pantanal will hire a taxi to take you to the pousada they have booked for you and then as soon as the driver has delivered you, the taxi will return to Cuiabá. There you are stranded in the middle of the Pantanal with no means of transportation, should you need to return to the city at short notice, until the next morning. We therefore reiterate that it is very important to choose a good company who will attend carefully to your every need. Otherwise you may discover that the so-called cheap tour that you booked will end up being a lot more expensive than you thought.


List of Tours

At Pantanal Jaguar Expeditions, we work with accommodations in the Pantanal that vary from luxurious to affordable, and even have our own houseboat at Porto Jofre, to make sure that your visit to the Pantanal is safe and secure, comfortable, filled with good experiences and, most of all, fun. For this reason, we endeavour to offer you the best prices in the Pantanal for a high quality, high excitement, yet eco-sensitive vacation.

As the USD is strong at the moment, the Brazilian currency exchange rate fluctuates so much and the cost of pousadas and gasoline go up all the time, we are currently quoting prices in USD. Please note that our package prices are based on rates for two persons sharing a room. On tours for one person travelling on his or her own, the price will include a single supplement to cover our costs.

You may choose your 2016 tour from the following options. Kindly understand that all prices below are the two-person package price. If you are traveling alone, you would divide this number by two and add 50%. If you are three people then the third person would pay half of the two person price. Please see our accommodations page for photos.

A) One day Ecological tour:

1. One day in the Pantanal with day use at a comfortable pousada, subject to availability at the time of booking: USD500.


B) Ecological tours in Chapada dos Guimarães and/or Nobres:

2. Two days and one night in Chapada dos Guimarães: USD1200.
3. Two days and one night in Nobres: USD1200.
4. Three days and two nights in Chapada dos Guimarães and Nobres: USD1900.


C) Three days and two nights Ecological Tour in the Pantanal:

5. Two nights at a comfortable pousada, subject to availability at the time of booking: USD1900.


D) Four days and three nights Ecological Tour in the Pantanal:

6. One to two nights each at one or more comfortable pousadas, subject to availability at the time of booking: USD2700.


E) Five days and four nights Ecological Tour in the Pantanal:

7. Two nights each at two different comfortable pousadas, subject to availability at the time of booking: USD3600.


F) Five days and four nights Jaguar Safari in the Pantanal:

9. Four nights at our own houseboat in Porto Jofre: USD4200.
10. Four nights at a private cabin at the jaguar campsite in Porto Jofre: USD4200.

G) Six days and five nights combined Ecological Tour and Jaguar Safari in the Pantanal:

12. One night at a comfortable pousada, subject to availability at the time of booking, and four nights at our own houseboat in Porto Jofre: USD5000.
13. One night at a comfortable pousada, subject to availability at the time of booking, and four nights at a private cabin at the jaguar campsite in Porto Jofre: USD5000.

H) Five days and four nights Fishing Tour in the Pantanal:

14. Four nights at a boat hotel. It includes a jaguar safari when you book your fishing tour between July and October. Please contact us for details.

If you are looking for longer tours, a combination of the above tours (i.e. combinations of the Pantanal, Nobres and Chapada dos Guimarães), or are not sure what the above prices represent, you are welcome to contact us mentioning the number of the tour above that you are interested in, the number of people in your group, the dates you wish to travel, what you are interested in seeing and the activities you enjoy the most of the ones on offer, and we will quote a custom tour for you in USD. Please note that our pricing structure is for a minimum of two persons travelling together. If you are interested in a tour with us and are travelling alone, there will be single supplement charged to cover expenditures. As a hint to help you plan your solo trip, we are more amenable to taking single travellers in the non-busy months outside of July and August.


We are currently updating our payment options. Kindly contact us via e-mail for information.

Group size

In order to continue to provide our guests with maximum quality, comfort and privacy, we keep our groups small and in general accept a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 persons per tour.

Tour inclusions

All our tours include transport from the airport or from your hotel in Cuiabá to, within and from the Pantanal back to the airport or your hotel in Cuiabá by and with your guide. On our ecological tours, you will be accommodated in comfortable pousadas with breakfast, lunch and dinner. The choice of activities that we offer and guide you on personally include horse riding, boat rides, walks in the forest, fishing on the river, sunset safaris and night safaris on the Transpantaneira, observation of flora and fauna, photographic safaris and an introduction to medicinal plants. On our jaguar safaris, you will be accommodated at the Porto Jofre end of the Pantanal in a private cabin or a comfortable houseboat (according to your choice of tour) with breakfast, lunch and dinner. On a typical 5-day-4-night jaguar safari, during the first and last days you will be taken on a photographic safari of the Pantanal as you travel approximately 6 hours along the Transpantaneira. On days 2, 3 and 4, you will be taken out in our 8-seater or larger motor boat along the Cuiabá, Três Irmões and Piquirí Rivers and their branches to look for jaguars and other wildlife. At Pantanal Jaguar Expeditions we own our own cars and boats.


Not included

Air flights, alcohol, soda pop/carbonated drinks, laundry, tips, personal toiletries, medications and other personal needs, vaccinations, visas, passports, hospital, travel and accident insurance (Although Pantanal Jaguar Expeditions will take due care in ensuring that your holiday is a safe and happy one, all activities are at your own risk. You are therefore strongly urged and expected to carry your own insurance with you when you travel to any country outside your residence.)

Additional policies of Pantanal Jaguar Expeditions

  1. Prices quoted on travel products are subject to change, at any time, until a deposit or full payment has been received.

  2. Our tours are geared to two persons minimum. Clients wishing to book tours with us on their own as a single person are required to pay a single supplement so as to cover accommodation and transportation costs that are consequently not shared by two or more persons.

  3. We are unable to accommodate tourists of the opposite sex in the same room unless they have requested it. If a female and a male are travelling individually, yet are on the same tour, we are required to charge each a single room supplement.

  4. Our tours generally cater to a maximum of 6 persons. The third, fourth, fifth and sixth persons each pay the same cost as the per person cost in a two-person tour.

  5. When bookings are made directly with Pantanal Jaguar Expeditions, a deposit is required at the time of booking and the balance is payable in local currency directly to the guide at the time that the tour starts. This cash is used for local payments including accommodation, food, gasoline, etc.

  6. When bookings are made through travel agents, the total tour price must be paid to book the tour. No exceptions are possible. We are unable to pay commissions to travel agents; they may add their own commissions at the time they invoice their clients directly.

  7. Deposits and full payments, once made, are non-refundable. Any changes or amendments are either not permitted or will incur a penalty.

  8. Discounts for children aged 11 and below travelling with at least two adults are available upon request.

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