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Our passion is wildlife. We operate with small groups, in private tours, concentrated on personal attention and services, wanting to share our  knowledge and experience with you in Pantanal, an extreme destination of wilderness, adventure and

excitement, among the top wildlife refuges 

on the planet.  Amazing perfect sunsets,

stunning bird variety, big mammals

and much more: the most

rewarding choice for 

your vacation.

Ecological Tours

Experience the Brazilian Pantanal, staying in comfortable pousadas with  activities as trekking, canoeing, motorboat, horseback riding and piranha fishing sunrise and sunset safaris.

Jaguar Safaris

Our Jaguar Safaris take you deep into  the Pantanal, to stay at our private houseboat for five days at the best places in the region to see and photograph the elusive jaguar.

Extension Tours

If you wish to extend your time in this region, we offer a visit to Chapada dos Guimarães, to explore caves and waterfalls, or to  Nobres where you can enjoy snorkelling among the fish.

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