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Nobres one day (Lodge day-use only) or two days and one night

Pantanal Jaguar Expeditions will be happy to take you to visit the following sites:

  1. The Estivado River Spa, where you can swim in the river among shoals of typical Mato Grosso fish such as Piau, Pêra, Lambaris and Piraputanga;
  2. The Triste River, where you can snorkel in the crystal-clear waters and where, in addition to schools of fish, you can see stingrays. This is the only river in Nobres where you will find this species;
  3. The Lagoa das Araras (Araras Lagoon), where you can enjoy the sunset as well as the Macaw, Parrot and Parakeet Show;
  4. The Serra Azul waterfall, which is the largest and most beautiful waterfall of Nobres, with a drop of 45 meters. Access is made via a 300-metre trail and a brick staircase of about 350 steps. The Sierra Azul waterfall is located on top of the mountain range of the same name and at the falls there is a beautiful natural 6-metre deep pool. The place is excellent for swimming and diving (or snorkelling) among the schools of fish.

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